Rhode Island Fence Building and Fencing

Installing a fence involves more than digging postholes and nailing boards together. Not only will a fence update the appearance of your Rhode Island home, a good fence design can add value and security.

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Fence Building and Fencing Introduction

Take a while to explore the mixture of fence designs inside your community. Whether you would like a privacy, boundary or picket fence, there are multiple attractive alternatives in a extensive variety of prices.

Many towns and cities have zoning laws and your community may have a neighborhood code in reference to fence materials and heights. Check with your local Rhode Island code enforcement office and neighborhood association regarding the colors, styles, and types of fences allowed to be installed Rhode Island . You will be confident making a knowledgeable decision, and avoid the aggravation of removing your fence if it does not fulfill local codes.

A small amount of planning would help you select the right kind of fence. Think realistically regarding the amount of work involved in digging postholes and setting the posts. Many people prefer to hire an expert to make certain the job is completed properly. Compare the fee for leasing the equipment, having the supplies delivered, and the time necessary to install the fence, to the cost of employing a professional. The price variable might be minimal when you consider the quantity of work required and the knowledge that the job will be done properly.

Things to consider when developing the design of your fence:

Which type of fence matches your neighborhood and home? Study the fences in your community and distinguish which styles you find the most appealing.

How close can the fence be legally to the property line?

How much can you afford?

What is the reason for the fence? Do you want privacy? Should it be high enough to contain a pet or a child? Is the fence for security?

Are you ready to put the time in to regularly maintain a wood fence, or is metal a better choice?

If you select a wood fence, would it need painting or staining? Selections for wood fencing consist of pressure-treated cedar, spruce, redwood and pine.

Will the fence obstruct your neighbor's view or enjoyment of their yard? Will the fence match the fences of your neighbors?

Do you feel confident putting in the fence on your own, or should you hire a contractor?

If you employ a contractor, take a look at samples of his/her work, particularly if the work was accomplished in your community. Is the contractor licensed, and does he/she have references?

Contemplate the cost of various fences while taking into account your budget.

If you are on a tight budget, think about having a contractor install the posts and attaching the rails and boards yourself.

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