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Landscaping can add to the value of a home, dramatically increase living space, and contribute greatly to an improved home lifestyle. Most people have no long-term plans for their landscaping.

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Landscaping Introduction

While nearly every Northern Maine household dabbles in landscaping, very few wind up with the results they hoped for. In the majority of neighborhoods, truly appealing landscapes are hard to find.

The Northern Maine landscaping profession is partitioned into three fields; therefore, learning what each field specializes in is valuable when deciding which company or firm best fits your needs.

Lawn care companies specialize in raking, mowing, edging, seeding, and otherwise caring for the grassy areas of your yard.

Landscape maintenance firms are primarily hired to conduct periodic maintenance of shrubs and flowerbeds.

Landscape construction firms handle landscape construction and planting under the direction of a landscape designer. This last group carries out a vast assortment of jobs that consist of patios, fountains, rock gardens, etc.

A good Northern Maine landscape designer can assist you in integrating all kinds of practical and visual considerations into an overall plan that gets the outcome that you want. There are a good number of goals when landscaping work is considered, such as attracting birds, astonishing neighbors, or making outdoor recreation areas for children. A landscape designer can help you pull all of your objectives together so that the yard really works. An option for homeowners working on a limited budget is to hire a designer who can help you execute the plan in phases extended over several seasons. The majority of homeowners who perform their own landscaping wind up repeating segments of it may times in hopes of producing the right look without creating a maintenance headache. A designer is often an excellent choice so he/she can aid you in working out an approach that does not waste your time and money.

Today there are more options than ever to receive assistance with design ideas. There are books and computer-based design tools with information and ideas on every facet of the landscaping process. You can get fantastic ideas from home improvement and remodeling shows as well as magazines. In addition, most Northern Maine home centers and nurseries now offer free design help.

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